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InFlow Count

People Counting

InFlow's incredibly easy to use people counting dashboard allows any organization big or small to extract powerful insights. By using existing security cameras and AI powered by the the cloud. InFlow offers the best real time people counter with no need to install new hardware or software.

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People Counting Regions
InFlow Count

All Directional All The Time

InFlow's unique method of organizing movement information allows for the extraction of counts and statistics for any direction of movement within the video. Any combination of counts can be extracted, compared, and aggregated from the time the camera was first set up.

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InFlow Count Dashboard
InFlow Count

Real Time Revolution

At InFlow we've built a cutting edge video analytics platform enabling real time object classification for any security camera in any environment.

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InFlow In The News

InFlow Takes First Place At Innovation Factory Pitch Night

InFlow recently took home first place at Innovation Factories Pitch Night. InFlow presented alongside 8 other companies all disrupting a variety of industries.

Six Engineering Startups To Watch

InFlow was recently listed as one of six McMaster Engineering Startups to watch. Companies listed are tackling a diverse set of problems ranging from biological age testing to AR firefighting equipment.

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Dec 12, 2019

Smart cities are often misconstrued with high tech sensor nodes and mountains of data. In this post we discuss the importance of smart practices as the baseline to set the stage for smart cities.

Riding On Actionable Insights
Nov 28, 2019

The value of data comes down to an organization’s ability to both interpret and convert it into an action that can accurately predict the outcome. In this post we discuss actionable insights and the importance of feedback loops and relevant information in making data driven decisions.

Insights in the Data Haystack
Nov 27, 2019

In a world where we're told data is the new oil it's never been easier go up in flames when trying to find the meaning of it all. This post focuses on strategies to derive insights from mountain-high haystacks of data.