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Provide analytics that empower clear, measurable and scalable insights

Who We Are

InFlow is a small video analytics company based in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. After nearly a year of development InFlow Machine Learning Inc. was officially founded in May 2019 by Mikhail Andrenkov, Jacoby Joukema, and Daniel Wolff. Since being founded InFlow has gone on to launch InFlow Count, our out of the box people counting system designed to work with security cameras in any environment. Additionally, the recent launch of our custom analytics services allow anyone to harness the power of our real-time video analytics engine.

Our Expertise

Our team is comprised of engineers and developers with years of experience designing secure, stable, and intuitive systems. With the experience of our team we've been able to design a cloud-based, hyper scalable, AI infrastructure that pushes well beyond the industry standard. Our cloud-first design patterns, focus on real-time analytics, and user first ui are what makes our solutions special.


Who We Work With


Who We Work With

Our people

Our world-class team

Mikhail Andrenkov
Jacoby Joukema
Daniel Wolfe
Design Director
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