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The cloud-based people counting platform designed to be used by anyone anywhere
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InFlow Count
InFlow Count is our out of the box analytics platform that turns your existing security cameras into real-time intelligent people counters
People Counting Dashboard

Pilot Program Benefits


Dashboard Access

Gain access to our intelligence dashboard and monitor your critical people counting metrics in real time. All pilot program members get access to premium analytics features and get early access to new analytics and services.

Set-up and Configuration

No Set-Up Costs

All members of the pilot program receive set-up, configuration, and training at no cost. Throughout the pilot you will work closely with an InFlow Engineer to ensure the platform is properly calibrated for your specific deployment environments.


Insights and Projects

Pilot projects can range from full integration strategies to customized temporary studies. InFlow analytics experts will work alongside your organization to ensure you get the most out of the platform and effectively integrate into your operations.


Pilot Pricing

Pilot program members gain access to special pricing and trials based on the size and scope of the project. For a detailed estimate please contact us below to discuss pricing models that work best for your organization.

Rapid Iteration

Shape Development

The pilot program has been designed to ensure InFlow Count is goes beyond industry standard and provides seamless analytics and user experience. We intend to improve the platform and add features that our pilot partners identify throughout the program.


Unlimited Support

InFlow offers unlimited training and support for all our systems during pilot phase and beyond. Speak directly with a member of the InFlow team anytime for configuration help or to resolve issues.

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