InFlow Count
Bring People Back Into The Equation

InFlow Count is a video analytics platform for managers in retail, recreation, security, and beyond. By harnessing existing security systems and the power of cloud computing, InFlow Count provides detailed insights into how people move throughout internal and external areas without requiring the installation of any software or hardware.

People counting has never been easier

Why Choose Us


Real Time
Watch your video stream live on your dashboard, along with live statistics and intelligence.
Cloud Based
All video processing and analysis is conducted on our dedicated, accelerated servers. No supercomputer required.
AI Powered
We use the power of tried and true, robust Artificial Intelligence to power our analysis engine. InFlow's flexible design enables us to easily adjust to any environment.
Empower your decision making from anywhere with InFlow's online, dynamic intelligence dashboard. Easily create charts and monitors or download data for further analysis.
InFlow works with all standard ONVIF cameras or NVR systems. No additional hardware or servers are required.
All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Securely link any number of cameras to InFlow and seamlessly view, manage, and interact with real time data.
So Simple
Incredibly intuitive interface with powerful potential for insights

People Counting

Extract powerful analytics all through our easy to use dashboard. Simply draw regions of interest onto your video feeds and analyze movement patterns dating all the way back to when the camera was first connected to InFlow


Go Beyond Counting Lines

InFlow's unique Region-Flow system allows for any number of any directional counts. Using a dynamic path tracing system InFlow can report on movement across any area in your video feeds allowing InFlow to be deployed in any environment. Further InFlow can aggregate and link counts from any connected camera providing dynamic occupation estimations for areas without cameras.


Easily View and Mange Statistics

Seamlessly create, view, and manage analytics via our chart creation tool or enable density mapping to visualize hotspots and popular paths.

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